Drug Offenses

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Drug Misdemeanors & Felony Charges

Drug charges in New Jersey can be very serious. Regardless of the charge, you need an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney knowledgeable in the drug-related laws of New Jersey to help you obtain the most favorable outcome.

Depending upon the nature of your alleged drug crime, your lawyer may also advocate on your behalf for the imposition of an alternative sentencing structure wherein you may be able to obtain rehabilitation for an underlying substance abuse problem. By working with a drug crime attorney through the drug defense process, you are taking the guesswork out of the prosecution’s next move and are gaining greater control over the outcome of your case.

If you are caught engaging in drug sales, you could face serious felony penalties depending on the amount and type of drugs sold. There are also sentencing enhancements for drug sales within a certain distance of a playground, school or daycare. Regardless of the nature or extenuating circumstances of your drug sales charge, your lawyer will advocate for a reduction or dismissal of charges – particularly if this is your first offense or you are engaged in the sale of small quantities of drugs.

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